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Acordia is a highly effective organisation with a clear objective - to take you and your business to the next level. Acordia sustains a dynamic eco-system for business owners, senior executives and directors through our Executive and Directors Forums. We facilitate engagement between participants through interconnected activities to transform individual capabilities and business outcomes.

Founded by UK Beacon Award winner, Dr Gerard Prior, Acordia engages participants in a powerful and innovative program of activities that empowers them to leverage real and sustainable competitive advantage and success.

Acordia has also uniquely devised, what we have named, ‘Green Hat’ events, designed to enable participants to foster an innovative approach to problem solving and the generation of new ideas. The ‘Green Hat’ is a metaphor, drawn from De Bono’s ‘Six Thinking Hats’ concept, where the green hat represents for example, creativity, fresh ideas and possibilities. ‘Green Hat’ events focus on time being deliberately set aside for thinking creatively and positively. You can email us to find out about our next ‘Green Hat’ event dates and locations.


The Acordia approach, is drawn from the latest leading research, particularly in areas of personal and business transformation, and cognition. We have integrated our uniquely designed strategic learning platform 'Business Discovery Labs™' and action learning activities into our innovative Acordia Fusion™ methodology. Innovation is foundational in today's successful enterprises, and the Acordia Fusion™ methodology has been designed to maximise innovation and accelerate business transformation.

Our ongoing primary research centres on business owners, so we are confident we are gaining the insights we need to deliver up-to-date and cutting edge knowledge to our participants. Equally, through our ongoing secondary research, we can ensure we inform our participants of broader perspectives and thinking in leadership disciplines.

Our Business Discovery Labs™ format, ensures the development of strong engagement between participants, knowledge transfer and support. For example, in relation to solving complex business problems and defining future success.

We also facilitate companies through our in-house Business Discovery Labs™, facilitate board meetings to enhance strategic thinking and development, and provide staff training, coaching and mentoring options to develop their teams.

Business Discovery Labs™

All business owners need time to work ‘on‘ their business so they can chart the course for the future, and understand what actions they need to take to get there. The uniquely devised Acordia Business Discovery Labs™ methodology empowers participants to be fully engaged in personal and business transformation actions, to make sure they are doing the right things, for them, at the right time.

Vision, Strategy & Planning

At the core of successful enterprises, is a clear vision, a well thought out strategy with clear goals and a powerful implementation plan. Acordia designed business analysis, strategy and planning tools, help business owners identify, and then focus on the critical success factors that will turn their vision into reality. Involvement in our programs such as 'Transforming your Vision and Outcomes' can take you to the next level.


Being recognisable in the market requires a strong brand. Through an Action Learning and discovery methodology, Acordia will facilitate you in identifying how you can build a strong brand both at a corporate and personal level. Brand transformation will enable you to project a stronger image and communicate the powerful messages that will draw your prospects towards you business.

Personal Transformation

Innovative and creative leadership is a must in dynamic markets. Consequently, Acordia have developed highly effective personal development tools so our participants have the internal strength to drive their businesses forward. It is our mission to develop strong leaders with the capacity to engage others in their vision, and to access the resources they need to define and control their own future.

MBA Level Training

It is widely understood, the application of MBA principles in business contexts, can significantly transform the ability of the business owner to increase profits and sustainability. So, beyond our unique Acordia Fusion™ research-based modules, our training incorporates MBA thinking and principles, with clear guidance on how to apply new learning into daily business practice to improve results faster.

Competitive Advantage

Competitive advantage is most sustainable when using knowledge-based strategies rather than short-term tactics. Through our uniquely designed Business Discovery Labs™ methodology, we facilitate you in developing sustainable competitive advantage and sustainable profitability. Additionally, through our high engagement practices, we support you in building a team of strong connections to fortify your capacity to deliver to your customers at the highest levels.

Exponential Results

In our fast changing and competitive markets, simply working to improve is no longer enough. Instead, we need continuous transformation, which in turns requires business owners to be in a continuous learning state. With the outcomes of each Acordia Fusion™ session feeding into the next, participants can grow their capabilities exponentially leading to real personal and business transformation. We aim to make you more agile, adaptable and smarter to accelerate your performance and growth.

Direct approach, cuts to the point. I really appreciate the direct and simple approach





Our Venues

Hillsborough Village Centre

Our Hillsborough Executive and Directors Forum meets each Tuesday. They also arrange regular 'Time Out' events to can relax in each other's company and find out more about supporting each other in business.

Weavers Court

Our Belfast Executive and Directors Forum meets each Wednesday at 9.15am. They also arrange regular 'Time Out' events where they can relax in each other's company and find out more about supporting each other in business.

Corrs Corner Hotel

Our Newtownabbey Executive and Directors Forum meets monthly at 8.00am. They also have 'Time Out' sessions where they can relax in each other's company and find out more about supporting each other in business.

Holywood Golf Club

We are currently developing our Executive and Directors Forum for North Down business leaders from November 2018. They will be involved on our full day iterative Acordia Fusion™ Program. Contact us for more information.


The aim of Acordia is to help Business Owners, Key Executives and Directors 'do business better'. So new for 2019, we are opening up access to Acordia materials and methods to others. You may curretly lead a business group and would benefit from adding additional value to your meetings, or understand the extensive benefits of business peer groups, and wish to get one started in your area.

Acordia has a library of over 300 high level business presentations and workshop materials, which when used in alignment with our methodology can significantly upskill business owners so they can transform their performance.

Please email Acordia to find out more.

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    Training Materials

    Presentations & Workshops

    Access a library of over 300 specially designed training modules & workshop materials.

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    Facilitator Training

    Use Acordia Methods

    Training on the Acordia methodology so you can help add value to business peer group meetings.

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    Wider Alliances

    Inter-group Connections

    Be part of a wider alliance of business owners and executives who help each other develop and grow.

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