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Mini MBA Belfast Northern Ireland

The Acordia Mini Executive MBA

An advanced programme for business owners and key executives

The Acordia Mini Executive MBA is a professional development programme designed to provide participants with fast access to core MBA concepts and tools that can be easily applied to transform their business.

Each module has been designed as a stand-alone CPD certificate, with the in-built credit accumulation system enabling participants to combine their modules to build their Mini Executive MBA in a way that suits their particular needs. Acordia provides a unique formulation for business education in Belfast, Northern Ireland.

Module Title
Module 1 Defining effective leadership & entrepreneurialism
Module 2 Personal Development
Module 3 Strategy & Planning
Module 4 Marketing Practice & Strategy
Module 5 Advanced Networking Skills & Strategy
Module 6 Strategic, People & Knowledge Management
Module 7 Financial Planning & Analysis

MODULE 1 - Defining Effective Leadership & Entrepreneurialism

Module 1 has been designed to highlight the significant difference between leadership and management. Also, while key leadership traits are discussed, the importance of entrepreneurialism at all business levels is studied. All great leaders are problem solvers, and importantly, display entrepreneurial traits, creativity and innovation, especially where dynamic global economic conditions prevail. Mini Executive MBA participants are therefore given the opportunity to explore their own leadership and entrepreneurial traits and to discover how these can be developed further.

Next, as leadership as an academic discipline has developed and a range of leadership models have emerged, the utilization of leadership models and their effectiveness in contributing to leadership performance is studied.

Furthermore, the ability of leaders to plan and work at an effective level is examined, and consideration is given to how leadership priorities can be more easily identified and understood.

MODULE 2 - Personal Development

In everything we do, success starts with the individual. Consequently, gaining personal insights in to how we understand ourselves in a range of dimensions, can help us overcome blockages to success through non-productive thinking and behaviours. Additionally, critical to leadership is the ability to take responsibility in our roles. The personal development module therefore helps participants gain real insights in to how they view responsibility, so they can transform their thinking and in turn their decision taking actions.

Also, this module engages participants in reviewing their personal history, and uses a modelling approach to help expose how conditioning from the past can impact either positively or negatively on mental capabilities in the present. By truly stretching and evaluating personal interpretations, participants can better understand their ability to make important choices and decisions that will form their future outcomes and success. Following on from the above, the process of revealing personal brand, and how personal brand can be transformed for greater effectiveness and success is also studied.

MODULE 3 - Strategy & Planning

This module is designed to equip participants with the analysis tools necessary for underpinning strategy and planning. For example, the use of SWOT analysis is examined as a framework for analyzing how internal aspects of the business operate and how they interconnect with external dimensions in the market and wider environment.

The module continues with in depth study of micro-environmental factors that impact upon the business to enable participants to understand in detail, the competitive factors prevailing in close proximity to the business operation. The final element in this module, is the development of a business plan with clear action steps for immediate implementation. .

MODULE 4 - Marketing Practice & Strategy

Marketing is central to connecting the business with the customer, and module 4 sets out to equip participants with core marketing tools. In particular, there is emphasis on the holistic nature of the marketing mix concept which is at the centre of all business activity.

The module progresses to investigating how the product mix, and indeed, how each product or service individually, contributes to the overall survival and development of the business. Emphasis is placed on how to make product decisions and how best to ensure the correct product mix and strategy is being deployed. Issues around positioning of the firm relative to competitors is also studied, as well as investigation into customer types and the potential for opening up new markets.

MODULE 5 - Advanced Networking Skills & Strategy

As networking becomes more recognized as an essential marketing method, especially for small firms on limited marketing budgets, module 5 supports participants in learning appropriate networking techniques and strategies. From first introductions to potential networking partners, through to generating real networking performance outcomes, the module provides participants with useful tools and insights for building mutually beneficial collaborative relationships.

At the core of all networking activity is the maintenance of a database of contacts. Module 5 provides a template for a simple but powerful database. Most importantly, the module demonstrates how to analyze a networking database. Participants are shown how to recognize key indicators from analysis of their network of contacts to produce premium results in the generation of sales, and the acquisition of important resources for the business.

Dealing with networking partners requires an understanding of what represents value to different people. Through a modelling approach, module 5 demonstrates not only the kinds of value that can be exchanged in networking transactions, but also the associated risks attached to diverse value exchange types. Networking, for many who do not understand the process, can be an unproductive and indeed, highly risky activity. However, through study of module 5, participants will be strongly placed to use networking to develop sustainable relationships that can add real value to their business.

MODULE 6 - Strategic, People & Knowledge Management

A key challenge for business leaders, is garnering the talents of others in order to reach the vision of the organization. Consequently, the building of exceptional teams' forms part of the strategy to maximize human performance, and module 6 facilitates the study of the dynamics underpinning successful teams. Furthermore, the knowledge base contained within the workforce must be understood and managed. Participants, in this module, will be introduced to issues of knowledge management and knowledge transfer between individuals and teams.

Supporting the development of individuals through a coaching approach is also studied. Module 6 introduces an effective coaching model which can be utilized by participants to support positive outcomes from the individuals that form the human capital of the business. From the coaching perspective, participants can learn how to enable individuals to find within themselves the resources they need to perform to standards that are both self-motivating and personally satisfying.

MODULE 7 - Financial Planning & Analysis

Underpinning business strength is not only the financial foundations upon which it is built, but importantly, the ability of the business leader to successfully manage financial issues. Module 7 is designed for those seeking to develop stronger financial management capabilities, as well as those seeking to gain deeper insights into financial data analysis.

Beginning with cost analysis and profit projection, the module develops into financial control with a strong emphasis on understanding the relationship between scale and operational scope.

The module also deals with accounting terminology, the structure of final statements and the calculation of key performance indicators. Furthermore, module 7 emphasizes how wider operational and management issues relate to financial performance.

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